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Social Media and Your Health

A guest post today.

The lovely people at have shared their text and infographic on the effects of social media on your health. Like all good things, ‘in moderation’ is usually best.

We all love social media. From Facebook check-ins to Instagram and Pinterest, there’s always a way to connect with others. But could it actually be dangerous for your health? has created an infographic entitled “Is Social Media Bad for Your Health” giving you a few statistics that may sway you in the direction of un-plugging from social media now and then.

As of May 2013, 72 percent of adults use social media. The average user spends 23 hours a week emailing, texting, using social media, and other forms of online communication. Add that all up, and that’s 14 percent of a normal week.

In a recent study, 50 percent of 298 students said social media makes their lives worse. 66 percent claim it’s difficult to relax or sleep after viewing social network sites. This isn’t surprising, since the same part of our brain that’s associated with addiction is activated when we self-disclose on social media.

In another study by Boost Mobile, 50 percent of users admitted to being addicted to social media. 68 percent confessed to checking their social media feeds up to ten times a day, and 37 percent would rather be cruising social networking sites than paying attention in class.

It all boils down to moderation. If you spend 30 percent less time on social media, you’ll gain 7 hours of your week. So sign off social media once in a while, and sign on to a healthier you!

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