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We offer a comprehensive regulation compliance, training, and consulting solution in Data Privacy.

Cybersecurity has many facets but all are key for you and your business. Our focus is on Data Privacy in the following areas:

Privacy Regulation Gap Analysis

Global Regulation Compliance (GDPR, PIPEDA, CCPA, LGPD, HIPAA)

Data Protection Impact Assessments (incl Risk Assessment)

Privacy by Design 

Data Classification

Social Engineering and Fraud Prevention Training

Privacy Policy Creation

Employee Information Security and Privacy Policy

Download FREE a copy of our Global Data Privacy Regulation Compliance Overview for a full picture of what is required to get your company compliant on standards such as GDPR, PIPEDA, LGPD and more

Create a culture of Security Awareness

Our suite of services range from Do-It-Yourself templates and checklists, to hands-on guidance and in-person training. We aim to provide a solution that meets your budget and company needs. We target the three key areas of your business; Process, Policies, and People.

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From privacy centric product design to customer data management, let our privacy experts walk you through our Global Data Privacy Regulation Compliance Playbook, ensuring you meet guidelines for GDPR, PIPEDA, CCPA and others.

Data Protection Impact Assessments analyzes how data is collected, processed, stored, transferred, and retained. It includes privacy risk assessment and will highlight where processes are needed to prevent and handle breaches in security. 

By injecting Privacy by Design methodology in to your foundation, we can ensure your company is set up for success in the future.


Ensure your company is covered with the following :

  • Privacy Policies (regulation compliant)
  • Incident response & management
  • Employee Information Security and Privacy Policies


The weakest link in the cybersecurity chain is still the employees. Social engineering and human error are responsible for the majority of data breaches -> 92% of malware is still downloaded to a company’s system via email sent to an employee. Though there are terrific software solutions that help to mitigate these risks, the ultimate solution is to train your employees. Help them better understand what information they are giving away and how it can be used against them.

Through seminars and workshops, we train employees to better understand what information they are giving away and how it can be used against them. You will keep hackers at bay, secure your private accounts, and take ownership of your most valuable asset, your data.

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