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twitter testimonials - long
twitter testimonials - long
Just wanted to extend a big THANK YOU for your presentation. Already have lots of staff talking about your presentation and how much they enjoyed your presentation. You made it entertaining, thought provoking and applicable to our staff so thank you again! – Sarah R, Corporate Customer
I just wanted to thank you for your presentation. Ā I thought I knew quite a lot but I didn’t realise how much I didn’t know šŸ™‚Ā Thanks so much!! – Juliette H, Parent
Cat’s presentation was passionate, a great pace and she held the attention of our students despite the time of year and them sitting on the floor. They said they loved her, found her interesting, and knowledgeable.- Sandy D, SeniorĀ Public School Principal
I really liked Cat’s workshop because it helped stop me from doing something stupid on the internet. – 13 year old girl
Personal, informed, enlightened the audience, revealing of what to be aware of, and reassuring that the internet is fun and good. – Amanda A,Ā Parent


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Interview with Kidskintha


Cover of The Record Business Section and

Record business cover
Communitech Article - Jan 2015


Binary Tattoo on Rogers TV

Rogers - Digital Legacy
Rogers screenshot Jan 26 2015
Rogers TV still

Ignite Waterloo Speech and Diapers & Lipgloss Webisode

Ignite waterloo 14
Diapers and lipgloss webisode 2

Ā Cat on Diapers and Lipgloss, Rogers TV, May 2014

Diapers and Lipgloss - May 2015