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Privacy Maven, Cat Coode, wants to show you and your employees how their personal digital identity affects your business. As a computer engineer with over 20 years of experience in mobile device software, Cat uses her deep understanding of technology to teach you how data can be found, and used, to make judgements on your business.

Why Personal Digital Identity?

Before meeting someone or doing business in 2016,  you search them online. If you don’t do this already, trust that customers and potential employees are doing it to you. It is important to understand what your public identity says about you. With the right guidance, you are able to exert influence on how it is shaped.

How does this benefit the employees?

We teach employees how online profile settings work, and where data is captured. Our hands-on workshop teaches best practices in creating new accounts and improving existing ones. We provide Personal Digital Identity Audits for key team members. All participants will leave with the knowledge of how to take back control of their online brand, and how that influences the corporate brand.

What is the benefit for the company?

Increasingly, every employee’s online identity impacts on the reputation of their company. Help employees with their online identity and protect the company brand at the same time. We will help you to set up, or improve, your company’s Code of Online Conduct based on experience and industry best practices. We also run an analysis on the posts that are tied back to the company through second-tier social media (not via company accounts).

How we Help

Protect Your Online Identity (Seminar)

Creating a Safe and Positive Brand (Seminar and/or Workshop


Know Yourself and Your Client (Seminar and/or Workshop)

Personal Identity Audit Review (Consulting)

Corporate Identity Audit Review (Consulting)

We customize our packages for different group sizes and areas of focus. Contact us for more information and for booking.