Data Privacy for Business and Individuals

For small business owners and individuals

For Small Business, Entrepreneurs, & Individuals

Using social media for marketing is key for reaching today’s audience but it is easy to blur the lines between professional and personal information. It is crucial that your online identity be set up to protect both your reputation and security of your business.

Do you know which networks to use and how to set up your pages securely? Do you have a social media policy set up for your employees? We can help.

We deliver out information in many ways to suit your needs:

DIY Settings Walkthroughs

Privacy Settings are set up intentionally in the favour of the network, not you. That means they take as much information from you as possible. Download one or all of our social network Privacy Setting Walkthroughs. These illustrated guides will not only tell you what each privacy setting actually means, but also tips on how to use them to maximize privacy.

One-on-One Consulting

Setting up multiple accounts with the right safety precautions in place can be overwhelming. Everyone online has a digital identity. Make sure yours is a positive one. We can help with guidance on getting starting for your own personal or professional brand. In person or virtually online.

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