For small business owners and individuals

For Small Business, Entrepreneurs, & Individuals

Using social media for marketing is key for reaching today’s audience but it is easy to blur the lines between professional and personal information. It is crucial that your online identity be set up to protect both your reputation and security of your business.

Do you know which networks to use and how to set up your pages securely? Do you have a social media policy set up for your employees? We can help.

We deliver out information in many ways to suit your needs:


Online (virtually) from the comfort of your own office or home. We also come to your place of business. We will teach you all about online privacy, how to safeguard your online reputation, how to search yourself online, and where to change privacy settings to protect it all.

Check out our current courses or contact us for ideas or to make a booking!

Online Audits

Want us to do the searching for you? We can uncover what your public identity looks like and walk you through the steps to fix those pieces you do not want shown.

Visit our Personal Online Audit page for more information.

One-on-One Consulting

Setting up multiple accounts with the right safety precautions in place can be overwhelming. Everyone online has a digital identity. Make sure yours is a positive one. We can help with guidance on getting starting for your own personal or professional brand.

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