Data Privacy for Business and Individuals

Digital Identity Audits

Wondering what you look like online to others? We can help.

Our online audits and reports provide personalized insights for an individual’s online presence, with actionable recommendations to increase privacy and reduce risk.

Searching yourself may skew results or hide pieces of data that others can see. Using the same tools as investigators, we dig up your public information that is accessible to others. We provide you with a report detailing our findings as well as the knowledge on how to change your settings to hide the items you no longer want seen.

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We have three types of online audits:

Facebook Audits

Facebook stands out because it houses so much personal data but also has the most complicated privacy settings. Even by limiting your audience to only friends, there is a surprising number of ways to find information about you.

We uncover all of your Facebook data and show you where you may have holes in your privacy. We also provide a Facebook settings walk-through so that you may correct these settings now and going forward.

Ideal for individuals, parents searching children, and professionals with personal Facebook profiles

Detailed Audits

We scan for available public information on major social networks, search engines, and hidden pages. We show you where your data appears and provide walk-throughs for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

*Includes the Facebook Audit

Ideal for individuals, parents searching children, and students applying to jobs or post-secondary institutions.

Professional Audits

We do a detailed audit (above) and then consult additional data sources for a full in-depth investigation. This report reveals not just what you post but what data can be extracted from this information and what others are posting about you. Our social engineering experts explain how your data can be used against you (or your business) and help guide you to correct where you are giving too much away.

Ideal for professionals, especially those in customer facing roles where their reputation is their business, such as real estate agents, entrepreneurs, politicians, financial advisors, and executives.

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