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Fingerprint in the shape of an avatar to represent digital identityPersonal Online Audits

Do you know what your, or your child’s, public online identity looks like? You should! Anyone can “google” themselves but our algorithms will give you a detailed analysis of how your accounts appear to outside prying eyes. We also provide the instructions on how to correct settings within accounts to improve your privacy and positive online brand.

Our easy-to-access reports:

  • Comprehensive Personal Digital Identity Audit
  • Reveal how someone looks online, from the eyes of a stranger
  • Advise you on what to do to change anything you see in your report

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Network and App Resource

Everything you need to know about the latest apps and networks including what they are about, the safety risks as well as our own rating.

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Corporate Workshops

Help your employees find their online identity and improve your brand in the process.

We offer engaging and educational workshops for business where we take your employees through how to set up their own digital identities in a way that is both safe and positive. The collective of your employees identities reflects directly on your brand, a win-win.

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We are pleased to continue to offer dynamic and entertaining seminars. We are passionate on helping everyone understand how to safely and effectively define their online identity.

Popular Choices:

  • Corporate Seminars on Digital Identity
  • Keynotes for conferences and trade shows
  • School assemblies for students grade 3 through Post Secondary
  • Career coaching and personal branding for job seekers
  • Parent, teachers and staff presentations on Keeping Kids Safe Online

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At Binary Tattoo we love to teach!

Search our blogs to learn more about everything from protecting yourself against hackers to Big Data at Disney World! We want you to give you the information you need to define your digital identity in a safe and fun way.

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