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In 2015, the word of the year was Privacy. The words Big Data appear everywhere. How much do you know about defining your digital identity?

Binary Tattoo wants to make sure you are informed!

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We are happy to walk you through the basics of the networks or have a discussion about a trending topic (examples: big data, setting up a positive brand, protection from hackers).

All seminars are tailored to the time allotted and audience.

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Our most popular courses:

Confessions of a Professional Online Stalker

We offer Personal Digital Identity audits, as such we see a lot of stuff. More importantly we see a lot of stuff we wish we didn’t have to! Have Cat walk your group through the most common mistakes people make in their social settings that lead to their private information being discoverable. Cat’s approach is fun and humorous but will leave you with the knowledge on how to best protect your digital assets!

Social Networks 101: For Parents

This is our flagship offering. It is hard enough trying to raise a child in any generation, but we are now facing the uncertainty of the digital world, which changes faster than anyone can possibly keep up with. The goal of this workshop is to give parents an overview the Social Networks that are being used by kids, what they are about, and how their privacy settings work, including which parts of an account can be monitored by a parent, and which parts are blocked from public eyes.

Social Networks 101: For Everyone

Want to try to your hand at online communities but don’t know where to start? Are you just curious about what is out there? Worried about Big Data and how it affects you? The goal of this workshop is to give you an overview of the most popular social networks, what they are about, and how their privacy settings work. We explain how you are defining your digital identity and what you can do to shape its future.

Other courses we deliver:

  • Using Your Online Brand to Get Hired, Not Fired

  • Social Networks 101: for Seniors

  • Best Practices for LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter

  • How to Stop Worrying and Love the Internet

Don’t see a topic? Contact us for more ideas or check out our blog to see the variety of areas we can help with.


  1. Hi Cat, we’ve chatted before.

    I’m the chairperson at our school and we are investigating bringing an ‘Internet Safety’ Night to the school for parents in the school and our community. I’m also chatting with our resource officer to explore him as a possibility for the night too. My goal is to take information from both and have the rest of council decide what direction we go.

    How many courses are you able to offer in a 2 to 2-1/2 hour time frame? I’d be potentially interested in the Social Networks 101 for Parents and the Best Practices for LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. Also, what is the cost? We would potentially have some PRO grant funds to use. Thanks!

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