Are you aware that each time you post, tweet, comment and blog, you are adding to your permanent collection of online data? How have you defined your digital identity?

Binary Tattoo helps you understand and appreciate the impact of how you are represented online. Through education and empowerment, we provide you with the knowledge to have a safe and productive social networking experience.

 Twitter eBook cover mini   It is time for YOU to Get Started with Twitter!

     In the book you will find:

- Step-by-step instructions on creating a new account with information that enhances your brand.

– A walk through of the important account settings and what to use to keep  yourself and your information safe.

– Explanations of the basic tools of Twitter and what they mean for you.

Tips and tricks to make your experience even better.

  You can now download your PDF copy directly here.

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We offer a variety of areas of education including:

  • Social Networking 101: For Parents
  • Social Networking 101: For Everyone
  • Online safety for kids 
  • Creating a Digital Presence for Fun and Profit

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Are you a parent or teacher concerned about social media? Are you looking to set-up a personal or small business social network account? Do you need a speaker to engage a varied audience? We are happy to offer everything from individual consulting to large-scale speaking events.

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